Green IT

Carbon footprint reduction and accounting are set to impact heavily on the way we live and do business. It’s everyone moral and social responsibility to reduce their carbon admissions at home and in the office.

However, this is a responsibility that will also be a politically legislated responsibility with a major consequence on business. It is responsible for 2% of global carbon release and Green IT is widely recognised as the most dominant consideration in IT looking to the near future. For every $1 spent on IT hardware a further $3 to $4 is spent operating it through its life.

NPGX understands Green IT means more than just using computers that use less power. We’ve accepted the challenge in using Green technologies to deliver compelling solution to our clients that will protect the welfare and sustainability of our planet and save customers money as power costs continue to increase. Our aim is not just to invest in green products but to help our customers become more IT efficient.

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