Workstation Improvements

Studies suggest that 40% of global IT carbon emissions come from workstations and laptops. The use of ‘Energy Star’ compatible LCD monitors and the application of power saving schemes, workstations and laptops will save substantial amounts of energy for clients. With roll outs of Intel vPro Technologies, NPGX is able to deploy optimised power schemes for all workstations and laptops on client networks.

Modern IT systems provide more computing power per unit of energy and thus reduce energy consumption per unit of computing power. All the workstations and laptops deployed by NPGX have multi-core processors that use better than 30% less power consumption than the single core machines they replace, yet they have an 80% performance increase. All new HP workstations exceed the EU’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive and are designed to be 90+% recyclable by weight.

The increased deployment of laptops is another way that clients lower their direct energy requirements. Laptop deployment with flexible working and teleconferencing can also result in reduced employee commuting and travel – a significant carbon contributor.

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