Clean Technologies

ROHS is a European Union (EU) directive that restricts the use of six very hazardous substances used in electronic equipment. The removal of these materials from production and e-waste will reduce the health risks of exposure. These risks are particularly dangerous for the elderly, children and pregnant women. NPGX embraces the use of non hazardous materials and adoption of environmentally conscience product design. While ROHS is a European initiative and has no formal legislation in Australia, NPGX believes local IT has an ongoing responsibility to promote fully ROHS compliant products that address pollution concerns throughout the product life cycle.

NPGX choose to use hardware suppliers who are deeply committed to ROHS compliance. NPGX are partners with global leaders in networking and computer hardware such as Adaptec, Cisco and HP that leads the way in ROHS compliance. These brands are NPGX’s bread and butter and form the recommended backbone of a clients IT network. All new hardware deployed by NPGX is at the current best industry level of ROHS compliance. free web maker